11 reasons why accountants should not use social media…

A provocative thought from our Social Media Guru – Heather Townsend

I will nail my colours firmly to the mast here. I believe in the power of social media – in fact my book ‘The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking’ strongly advocates the use of social media. However, I have been inspired to write this blog by this article in Accountancy Age, which clearly states why accountants should rely on old traditional methods of marketing..  As you can imagine, I have a lot of say on the matter, but in the spirit of friendship and good will, I have decided to define times when I think that the author is right – accountants should not use social media.

For example:

  1. You are happy with your current and projected revenue for the foreseeable future – so, why change what you are doing, if it is working for you. But, can you really guarantee that your marketing and business development systems and processes are going to carry on working with the same level of success?
  2. You don’t want to adopt a niche as you are too concerned about turning away good clients. After all, you have specialised… you want to work with SMEs and owner managed businesses. That gives you a target market of 40 million potential clients… which every other small accountant is fighting over…
  3. Your current marketing and business development efforts are achieving the business growth targets you set your part of the practice. Once again, if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it. But see point number 1.
  4. You don’t have a business plan or overall marketing strategy for your practice or your bit of the practice – without these basic blocks it is impossible to implement social media successfully – or any marketing actually.
  5. You have to approve every communication from a member of staff before it leaves the building. Twitter – and many other social media channels don’t work if a committee needs to approve every piece of material before it goes out.
  6. Your target market is not IT literate. Like any bit of successful marketing, you need to maintain a presence where your clients, potential clients and introducers are hanging out. However, more and more people are coming online and the biggest growth in social media users is actually from the over 55s…
  7. You are not bothered about how much traffic your website gets. Social media used well can build a large traffic of interested potential clients to your website. But, if you are not bothered about this benefit…
  8. You don’t bother with e-mail marketing to a mailing list (what mailing list?). Social media can bring large volumes of interested potential clients to your website. With the right call to action you can sign them up to your mailing list….
  9. You are not bothered about where your name turns up in google. Social media helps to boost your search engine rankings. But, if you are not bothered about web traffic…
  10. Referrals are not important. The use of social networking can literally turbo charge your networking activities and help you keep in touch with a large extended network of potential clients and advocates, to build a steady stream of referrals.
  11. You don’t use networking to help find new clients or new business. Social media is more than just ‘marketing’. Social networking is a great networking tool, and needs to be used in conjunction with face to face networking for the best results.

Any other reasons why accountants should not use social media?

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Added on 10/4/2013

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