Branding – three videos that will help…

Recently a client asked me if I knew of any videos that he could show his team to explain how branding works – particularly in a professional services context. Good question. I had a quick look at YouTube and came up with these three – do you know of any others? If so, let me know

Norwich Business School


This is a great overview of what branding is, how it works and where the value lies – although mainly for consumer brands.

Financial Brand


This is a video from a US-based financial branding specialist. It’s not as exciting as the Norwich video (Alan Partridge will be pleased with that) but is a good introduction to branding within a professional services arena.

TED – Morgan Spurlock – The Greatest TED Talk ever sold


A wonderful introduction to branding from a completely different angle. On the one hand it is a sales pitch for his movie. On the other it shows a worrying lack of brand awareness from some of the companies he approached. And who sponsored his talk…

Not realityhouse unfortunately – I must keep a closer eye on eBay.


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Added on 10/4/2013

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