Feng Shui Tricks To Clear Clutter In Your Home

Due to the numerous activities you are doing in your home, it’s bound to gather a lot of clutter. When summer is over, beach shoes, straw sun hats and sand will clog your home. Your outdoors will be littered with rusting barbecues and blooms that have started withering because of the change of weather.  Start by decluttering and if you have items you would like to keep but no space, look at self-storage, especially if you live in London and short on storage space.

A good clear out will be cathartic but maybe you should consider a few feng shui tricks to keep your home clean.

Through feng shui, you can create harmony in any living space. It’s a traditional Chinese art where you can create a good balance between yin and yang, the hard and soft, the light and dark or the stillness and movement. According to the feng shui experts, the sorting out should move beyond the smaller irritations to the bigger issues that affect your entire home. Note that, everything in your home will affect the energy in the place.

Affecting the Flow of Energy

For instance, a large electric fan in your home, it might be quite cumbersome or an obstacle. However, it will be viewed as a red herring when it comes to how much difference it can make to your overall space. Experts suggest that the things affecting the flow of energy (chi or qi) such as the relationship between your roads and the nearby homes, the furniture placement or the alignment of your interior doors should be given more attention.

Most people assume that spiky plants will bring out negative energy or keeping the toilet lid up will do the same. However, they might be the farthest things from any feng shui considerations in your home. Actually, it might be something more instinctive that allows you to create a comfortable home with harmony. For instance, imagine the position of your bed in the bedroom. There’s no way you could rearrange things such that the head is pointing to the middle of the room. It doesn’t make any sense.

Most people put the headboard by the wall. Putting the head between a window and a door isn’t ideal as well because the flow of energy will not be restful. That’s why you need to create a proper balance, beauty, harmony and connect all the energies available in different places to create overall harmony. The Chinese culture has 5 classical elements such as water, earth, metal, fire and wood and they should be balanced.

Feng shui experts believe that when you invoke these energies in different locations in your home, you can improve your health, happiness and wealth. You shouldn’t take it literally but figuratively. For instance, the energy from water is something flowing, while wood brings out a sense of growing. On the other hand, energy from earth shows nurture. You need to bring out the potential of the entire building to get the best out of it and remove the negative energy present.

Advice From the Experts

Whenever you want to invest in feng shui in your home, it’s a good idea to talk to the professionals. Some areas might provide information on how to arrange your living space but a pragmatic approach is more powerful. Some experts suggest that it is a holistic approach that allows your living environment to integrate with the ecological awareness and mindfulness. That way, the living space can support and nourish everyone living there. Others might suggest choosing fiery colours in the bedroom to ignite passion or large stones or sculptures to bring a little earth in your home. You can also add a mirror or a fish tank to show connectedness with other people.

You need to assess how well your home actually supports you. You might include all the feng shui aspects in your home but you can choose to wait until a space actually becomes clean or when you move and also when you have more time to include everything. You should know that you can add feng shui in your home at any time. You don’t have to wait until you have done a few renovations or redecorations to make sure the place looks good on you. Start now and enjoy the harmony that comes with it.

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