How To Create A Man Cave Out Of Your Garage

As a man, you need more space to do 'manly' things in the house. Unless you are ready to spend the extra money and time to create a new addition to the home, you can simply transform your garage into a man cave. This is if you don't have to park your car there in the first place.

The Plan

You will need a good plan to create enough space out of the garage, advises  You need first to know how much space you need, what you will be doing with the room, and the weather to determine what exactly will be needed to transform the space. If you plan to use the space all day and night, you might then have to consider things such as insulation, air conditioning, and heating in the plan. This is particularly important if your area receives extreme weather. If you however only need the space for socialising and the small stuff, you then don’t have to worry about all these.

One thing with creating a primitive man cave is that you won't need much in the space. You may, however, choose to create a specific room feeling in the garage as well. This, however, depends on how comfortable you will be in there. You could decide to bring in some electronics in the 'cave' too. Other games room items men adore include a good HVAC system, proper insulation, a beer fridge, and a pool table. Whatever the idea is, it is advisable to ensure all the toys are well protected from humidity and extreme temperatures.

The Walls

You might have to install fresh insulation to the garage walls to make the room more comfortable. Garages attached to the home are particularly easy to work on for they can depend on the home's HVAC system. The same cannot, however, be said for detached garages that might require additional equipment. The process of insulating the wall should be fun. All you need is put the insulation materials between the wall studs then install the drywall. Once this is done, you can then paint it in your preferred colour. Be sure to note where the studs are when hanging the drywall. You will need these to install flat-screen wall mounts, basketball hoops, or neon beer signs.

The Floors

Almost every garage is on a concrete slab. This reduces the amount of work needed on the floor. Concrete floors can, however, be cold at times, which is why you should consider installing floorboards for insulation. You can then install a carpet on top of the floorboard to make it even more comfortable. Recycling old carpet pieces and large rugs should do the trick pretty well. Since you and the boys will probably be on your feet all day long, you might want to install a more forgiving and supportive floor.

The Ceiling

An unfinished ceiling is not an issue for most men. If you, however, don’t like staring at rafters, you should then put some drywall and paint over it as well. Considering you have to install a ceiling fan and light fixtures, you might as well have the ceiling installed.

The Furniture

Men love their beer and a comfortable chair. That said, you can either shop for new furniture for space or simply borrow a few from the main house. You might even need a table for serving foods and drinks, and a stand for the mini-fridge.

The Man Caveness

The cave won't be masculine enough without the right features and tools. Make the space however you like by adding all the right tools and features in the mix. This can be several tools hanging on the wall, and camping gear at the far corner. Make sure the chairs or couches are comfortable as well. If your budget allows it, bring a wine rack and a fridge to make it have a manly look and feel.

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