Self Storage Tips On How to Safeguard Your Valuables

When looking for a storage option to keep your valuables safe, it’s wise that you seek advice to ensure that your belongings are properly safe; whether you are looking for storage organisation for that expensive shoe collection you own or to safely store a rare book collection. Possessions in prepaid rental storage facilities are less vulnerable to larceny than they would be sitting around your home. This is because self-storage units are secure, with you being the only key holder.

Furthermore, storage rental units have CCTV closely monitoring the premises and others even have a security detail guarding the units. Nevertheless, opportunistic thieves know that there is much to be gained if they can access these storage units and will stop at nothing to access one. Well-managed self-storage focuses on the security and safety of your belongings by ensuring that your items are well stored and protected.

It is wise that you take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your valuables are safe. If you’re storing valuables in long-term self-storage facilities, you need to make sure that nothing bad happens. This article will be discussing some self-storage tips and advice aimed at lowering the risk of your valuables being stolen from your storage unit.

Safe and Sound

It worth noting that placing your valuables and belongings in a self-storage is a good way to ensure their safety. If there is one thing you don’t want, it is to receive your items damaged simply because they weren’t properly prepared for storage in the rental unit. The very first consideration when it comes to self-storage is to ensure that your possessions are properly packed and boxed to avoid damage, even the awkward items such as foosball tables.

Keep Records

Consider making an itemised inventory of all the things you want to place in storage. This is particularly essential if you use rental self-storage units often and access them frequently. Record each item’s replacement value, and if there are any electronic appliances and goods, remember to record the serial numbers. Once done, the inventory you create will prove handy when it comes to claiming against fire, damage, or theft.

Lock it Up Securely

It is vital that you take responsibility for some things when it comes to securing your belongings in storage. Most storage facilities offer a decent chain and padlock, so make sure that your rental storage provider offers these as they are essential at deterring theft and safeguarding your belongings. Ensure that the lock you get is tamper proof and can withstand a wire or bolt cutter.

Worthwhile storage facilities should offer several security layers to ensure the safety of your belongings in storage. Does the facility have a perimeter fence? Is the entry and exit gate solid? A good storage facility should include an electronic entry on every entry and exit point. Does the facility have video surveillance? Video recording will make it easier to identify and apprehend intruders intent on breaking into storage units.

Environmental Protection

When seeking self-storage advice, consider asking what systems the service provider has in place to keep the facility safe from harsh climates. There are lots of items that can benefit from climate-controlled units. Prepaid rental units should offer sufficient protection from the elements, especially ones with a climate control system. Cheaper storage facilities may seem like they could save you a dime or two, but they also leave your belongings at risk of being damaged by things like mould and mildew.

Plan for Any Eventualities

Truth is, even the best-laid plans can go wrong, even after you’ve followed all the self-storage advice your facility offers you. That is why it’s important to ensure against all eventualities. This should include theft, fire, and any other damage, irrespective of how it occurs.

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