Sleep Apnea, Its Causes And Treating It Right

Sleep apnea is one of the leading sleeping disorders that afflicts most people because it is hard to detect on your own. Sleep apnea is usually mistaken only as loud snoring but it is bigger than that because sleep apnea is a disorder that pauses the breathing and forces it to restart and this process can be dangerous depending how chronic the sleep apnea is. This article should help you learn more about the causes of sleep apnea and the best treatment for you

What are the causes of sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is usually a symptom of an underlying health concern that needs to be addressed which is why this disorder cannot be medicated through medicines.

The most common causes of sleep apnea are:

  • Obesity and excess body weight
  • Thick neck circumference and narrow airway
  • Older age
  • Family history of sleep apnea
  • Constant usage of alcohol and sedatives
  • Smoking
  • Nasal congestion
  • Heart related health concerns and disease such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Sleep apnea is a big nuisance and spell danger for those who is suffering from it because this sleeping disorder prevents a human body to take a rest and restore the body back in stable state which instead of waking up fresh and relaxed, people suffering from it tend to wake up yet they feel that the still haven’t sleep yet which makes it difficult for them to stay awake. Difficulty to stay awake hinders productivity since most people that has sleep apnea cannot or having difficulty to pay attention o their tasks and this might be a risk especially when the person is driving.

CPAP Treatment for your sleep apnea

There are surgery treatments that can permanently remove sleep apnea such as implants, jaw reposition and similar procedures but these treatments are usually expensive and is solely exclusive for chronic cases.

However, there is a better alternative that is less expensive and can be bought over the counter and this is the continuous positive airway pressure or also known as CPAP

CPAP looks like a gas mask and is able to prevent sleep apnea by keeping the airways open by delivering air pressure that prevents snoring and pause of breathings. Keep in mind that CPAP must be cleaned thoroughly.  Lumin cpap cleaner is one of the best cleaners for you. Check out their website to learn more from some Lumin cpap cleaner reviews.

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