Social Media for AccountantsSocial Media for Accountants

The massive potential for accountants to use social media to build relationships with existing clients and to win new business is very clear. The challenge is how to use social media in a way that enhances rather than damages your reputation and your brand.

This is why realityhouse accountancy marketing has developed a range of approaches to social media:

  • Social Media Consultancy - helping your firm to identify key markets and audiences where social media will be effective
  • Consultancy to developing an effective social media policy and strategy 
  • Social Media Management - to support your marketing and BD teams to make more of social media
  • Providing ongoing training and support to fee earners

So far so good. But that does sound like a lot of work. And won’t social media take up a lot of fee earning time? Short answer is no. During the strategy phase we’ll work with you to identify key fee earners within your firm who will gain the most benefit from social media. And during training, we’ll show you how to minimise the time spent – and maximise the return on investment.

Learn how your firm can win new business using social media. Please contact us now – either using the form or by calling 0845 643 9627. 

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